Authentic, nutritious & delicious. Built on healthy ingredients and uncompromising adherence to quality, Soupetc! makes soups and chilis that feed the body & soul.

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Fresh not frozen, bone-broth based, preservative-free & mindfully crafted.


Truly a Vancouver Original

Soupetc! has been produced in East Vancouver’s historic Strathcona neighbourhood since 2001 and is a fixture of the Lower Mainland’s local food production landscape. Built on healthy ingredients, inspired by traditional recipes from around the world and uncompromising adherence to quality, the brand that originally started as a retail store concept soon evolved into a wholesale line. Soupetc! supplies bulk soups to restaurants, delis and other food service environments in and around Vancouver. Most recently Soupetc! soups and bone broths can be found at your favourite grocery store for you to “soup it up” at home.

A clump of fresh basil leaves laying face down.A clump of fresh basil leaves.

Tasty soups for every dietary preference

We have a soup for you and all your picky eaters: wheat-free, plant-based, meat-free, dairy free, Soupetc! has you covered. Closable bags and the option to freeze left-overs makes it easy for you to please your entire crew.

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Looking down at a bowl of warm tomato soup with fresh vegetables laying around the bowl.
A stem of green garlic varnish.A slice of a red beet.


Squashed Mac n’ Cheese

A family favourite, Squashed Mac n’ Cheese substitutes the heavy white sauce with soupetc! butternut squash soup resulting in a lighter, tastier, better-for-you meal.

A bright picture of an unopened soup bag on a white background.
Made with...


A lovely puree of butternut squash & tart green apple with a little butter & light cream for good measure.

Looking down at the finished recipe.

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